About the Artist

Before becoming a tattoo artist, Rodney did construction and was in several bands as a drummer. He decided to take pursue a career in tatooing because he fell in love with the art form. Licensed in 2007  our artist, Rodney Cochran, completed a full aprenceship at BPU, formerly Rebirth Tattoo, in Anchorage Alaska. and was then offered a position at Anchorage Tattoo Studio where he worked for and with some of the best tattooers in Ak. He is well versed in all types of tattooing.  Rodney spent 7 strong years at the busiest, most sought after tattoo shops before opening his one-man family friendly tattoo studio. He wanted to be able to give people the tattoos they've always wanted at fair prices. His work is all original and no tattoo is the same as the last. So if you're looking for a quailty, fair price tattoo studio to give you the artwork of your dreams, check out Rodney at Bethany Tattoo Studio.